Who We Are

Headquartered in Raleigh, NC, REGENCY FOR BUSINESS was founded in 2002, as a fledgling office products dealer with a passion for technology and innovation.  As B2B e-commerce emerged, we saw an opportunity to show customers a better way to buy their office consumables, including breakroom, cleaning supplies, furniture, and office products.  We use technology to streamline the end-to-end purchasing process, reduce costs over time, provide seamless and integrated invoicing, and ultimately improve the lives of our customers by putting more time back in their day.  

鶹 is a member of the Office Depot Federation of Dealers, allowing us to offer our clients extremely competitive pricing on over 180,000 items. 鶹 services locations nationwide utilizing over 70 distribution centers and a national delivery network. Our in-house team of industry experts combined with our unique technology platform allows 鶹 to provide customized solutions to all our clients for their everyday business needs.

What We Do

Each of our clients have different and unique needs.  However, one thing they all have in common is the daily challenge to do more with less.  REGENCY FOR BUSINESS serves as an extension of our clients through a systematic strategy focused on spend management, cost containment, and improving buying decisions through professional consultation, technology, and data driven account management.

There are four phases in our approach:

  1. Analyze. Conduct an initial audit of your purchase history to identify core needs.  Often a client’s “contract” list and their actual purchases are not in sync. 
  2. Standardize. Create a program around the core product needs of the company, using the findings from the analysis. 
  3. Implement. Deploy exclusive webstore features to create a “controlled purchasing environment” driving the right user behavior.  Compliance can be difficult to manage and sustain without the right technology tools. 
  4. Manage. Quarterly Business Reviews that go beyond a “purchasing report”, which is the industry norm. We will provide in depth recommendations to reduce costs over time.  

Finally, we reduce the costs associated with multiple supplier relationships, various purchasing processes, coding and processing hundreds of invoices, while at the same time improving spend visibility and control.  By providing real time information and reporting you can make data-driven decisions, keep costs down, and spend less time doing it – allowing you to focus on your core business.

Who We Help

As a national independent dealer, REGENCY FOR BUSINESS works with customers with one location to Fortune 1000 companies with hundreds of offices and thousands of users. We have relevant experience across many industries, including banking and finance, professional services, automotive, healthcare, education, franchises, technology, transportation and non-profits. 

The office products industry has changed dramatically in the last ten years.  Technology has actually reduced options for buyers, and a predominantly “self-service” experience leaves the small to mid-market customers to fend for themselves.  Organizations with multiple users, departments, and multiple locations that are geographically dispersed find it increasingly difficult to control and manage their costs.  REGENCY FOR BUSINESS puts a focus on this underserved market segment, providing the consultation, technology, and spend management programs that are typically reserved only for the largest companies.  If you are interested in learning more, please tell us a little about yourself below, and a REGENCY FOR BUSINESS representative will contact you.